In: A Woman’s View
Voters Rights

Every vote counts!

On November 8th, women’s fundamental freedoms are on the ballot: the freedom to vote, to marry whom we love, to control our reproductive health, and to decide on the shape of our futures.

With only one week before Election Day, there is still time! To protect, regain, and expand women’s rights, we must:

Make a plan to VOTE. Voting laws have changed. 20 states have enacted new voter suppression laws since 2020, including new voter ID laws. Make sure you’re up-to-date on what’s required in your state, including what ID (if any) you need to vote. Find details for your state here.

Tell everyone you know that you’re counting on them to vote. Research reveals voter turnout is 8% higher if it is instigated through personal and social networks. Activate America is an app that can show you how to develop your list and blast out a message using Swipe Blue. Activate America will host information sessions on Thursday, Nov 3 at 7 pm Eastern Time. Sign up here.

Help get out the vote of voters you don’t know who are pro-women’s rights, and provide them with voter information. Phone banks turn less-likely voters into actual voters by providing them with the information and motivation they need. Sign up here to join a phone bank for making calls on your own schedule. You can attend the first 15 minutes of a phone bank training session, and decide whether it’s for you. Sign up here for training.

The midterm elections — and the future of our nation — will likely be decided by a tiny number of votes in a very small handful of battleground states. This means women voters, who make up over half of likely voters in the battleground states, could decide the outcome of key races.

Invite your friends and family to watch Stand UP, Speak OUT: The Personal Politics of Women’s Rights to witness the individual consequences of political decisions. In Episode 2: Voting Rights and Episode 3: Reproductive Rights, women tell their personal stories of the impact of having, and the consequences of not having, the right to vote and the right to control their reproductive choices.