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Anti Eugenics Conference

Stand UP, Speak OUT in International Eugenics Conference

At the invitation of CUNY Professor Iris Lopez, an international expert on sterilization among Puerto Rican and other racialized women in the USA, BC Voices is honored to be participating in the international, online conference, Eugenics Legacies Across Latin America, Oct. 12th & 13th.

BC Voices’ short documentary, SUSO Reproductive Rights: Sterilization, will kick-off the final panel of the conference, Puerto Rico, Greater Mexico, and Latinx Reproductive Justice in the US,  on Oct. 13th, 6:20-8:20pm ET. The panel of scholars will explore the complexities of the legacies of eugenics in Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican diasporas and LatinX communities in the US more broadly – and will highlight the work of different forms of activism in the fight for LatinX reproductive justice. At this perilous political juncture, it will invite participants and audiences to consider the work that is needed in this moment and moving forward.

Produced by the From Small Beginnings… project and hosted by UC Santa Barbara, Eugenics Legacies Across Latin America invites scholars, activists, and artists to explicate the legacies of eugenics across Latin America, address what can be done, and, explore what can be built.

Across two days, participants will look at how eugenics and its ramifications have played out in different national and regional contexts across Latin America to such painful (and often deadly) effect. Equally important, it will look to highlight the brave work that survivors, activists, scholars and artists have carried out and tirelessly continue to carry out to expose acts carried out in the name of (or in the shadows of) eugenics, and fight for justice for those that have been most targeted by such ideas and practices.

We hope you will attend the Eugenics Legacies Across Latin America conferencewhich is free to all. Please add your voice to those working to eliminate racist government programs and sterilization campaigns, and to build a eugenics–free world.

Register free of charge online.