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DocuSeries Introduction: 200+ Years - American Women Fight and Rise

The story of the struggle to gain, uphold and expand women’s rights in America from 1776 to the present.
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Episode 1: Equal Pay for Equal Work

Women’s fight for recognition of the value and worth of their labor, from no pay to the Equal Pay Act of ’63 to the World Cup pay controversy.

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Episode 2: Voting Rights

Women’s struggle for a voice in the laws that affect their daily lives, from no vote to the 19th amendment to Shelby v. Holder, and why we still must fight for our right to vote.

Underwritten by
Craig Newmark Philanthropies

woman holds sign in Spanish Translation: In my body I rule
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Episode 3: Reproductive Rights

Women strive for the right to bear children and to control whether, when, and how often to have children – from no say over their own bodies to Griswold v. Connecticut to Roe v. Wade to Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization and the ongoing fight for reproductive autonomy.

Underwritten by:
Craig Newmark Philanthropies
The Drake Bettner Foundation
The Puffin Foundation, Ltd.

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Episode 4: To Marry Whom We Love, or Not At All

Women propelled the legal and social changes that enable Americans today to make their own decisions about personal relationships — from no say in marriage and partnering choices to Loving v. Virginia and Obergefell v. Hodges.

Underwritten by:
Craig Newmark Philanthropies
The Drake Bettner Foundation

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Forthcoming Episodes

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Episode 5: Affirmative Action

From Lyndon Johnson’s stand on sex discrimination to the impact of recent rollbacks.

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Episode 6: Freedom from Sexual Harassment

From the Civil Rights Act of ’64 to #MeToo.

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