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To share the story of Women of the 60s with a wider audience, BC Voices, Inc. commissioned two short documentaries recounting the impact of the seismic political and cultural shifts of the late 1960s on young women and the choices made in the years that followed as doors opened for women, but not all the way.

The Way It Was screened as part of Barnard’s 125th Anniversary Celebration, and Making Choices, Forging Paths premiered during Barnard’s 2016 Reunion Weekend. Responses from audiences ranging in age from 18 to 80 tell us that the stories of alumnae of the Barnard Class of 71 are the universal stories of Women of the 60s, women who rode the crest of 2nd Wave Feminism, as well as the stories of women of all eras.

The Way It Was

Produced by Michelle Patrick, BC’71, and Robert Solomon.  It’s 1967/1968 and the women of the Barnard Class of 1971 are finding their way as the world they’ve known shifts dramatically under their feet. The pill is available and sexual mores are changing. The Columbia campus is embroiled in demonstrations against the growing Vietnam War and Columbia University’s plan to encroach on Harlem, beginning with the construction of a gym in Morningside Park. Then, it’s April 1968. Martin Luther King, Jr. is assassinated. Hurt and outraged, Harlem residents rebel. Students take over buildings at Columbia University. A strike is called and classes are cancelled. Listen to 17 BC’71 alums tell what it was like to navigate these tumultuous times as young women coming of age when the world changed forever.

To view this film, go to: The Way It Was.

Making Choices, Forging Paths

Produced by Ducat Media, LLC and BC Voices Inc.  It’s 1971. The women of BC’71 are leaving Barnard and stepping into the world. There’s an excitement in the air as they join the wave of college educated women entering the professional work force in droves for the first time in history. Doors are opening for them; the world is their oyster. And, then … sexism still exists … racism still exists – in the workplace, at home.  Choices are made as they balance career and family. Follow 22 BC’71 alums as they face barriers, overcome obstacles, and persevere in making a difference in the world, forging paths for themselves and future generations of women.

To view this film, go to: Making Choices, Forging Paths.

Note: If you are having trouble streaming on vimeo, try downloading the SD 360p version using the link below the video.