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The Way It Was

Excerpts of the first 17 videotaped interviews were shared at the B’71 40th Reunion in 2011 in a short video called The Way It Was, created by Michelle Patrick B’71 and her husband Robert Solomon. The 17 B’71 alums speak about how the tsunami of political, cultural and social change they experienced during that eventful first year at Barnard in 1967-68 affected their lives then and now.

To view this film, go to: The Way It Was.

Making Choices, Forging Paths

A second short film, Making Choices, Forging Paths, debuted in June 2016 at the B’71 45th Reunion. Produced for BC Voices by Ducat Media, LLC, it captures excerpts from the more recent oral history interviews to illustrate the lives we have led since leaving Barnard.

This time, the focus is on our expectations as we stepped out from Barnard College and into the world; the challenges we faced including racial and gender discrimination and the struggle to balance family and career; the work we did as we strived both for personal fulfillment and a way to make a difference in the larger world; the ways we have reinvented ourselves and the lessons we have learned.

To view this film, go to: Making Choices, Forging Paths.

Note: If you are having trouble streaming on vimeo, try downloading the SD 360p version using the link below the video.